Artisanal Dr Marty's Crumpets A Hit at CH James


Dr Marty's Crumpets have taken Melbourne by storm, and we are proud to serve them on our brunch menu with whipped ricotta, strawberries and rooftop honey. The humble crumpet has taken on a hero status thanks to chef Marty Beck who has honed in on a niche market in starting Dr Marty's Crumpets. Marty Beck has taken all before him producing over 6000 crumpets a week for hungry Melburnians who appreciate a great crumpet. Dr Marty's Crumpets are true artisans and their product highly sought after. (Image credit: The City Lane).

Marty (ex Cafe Grossi and MoVida) bakes the crumpets from his accredited kitchen at his home and supplies his crumpets at boutique venues across Melbourne, as well as farmers' markets. (Image Credit: Dr Marty's Crumpets Facebook).



CH James is a proud supplier of Dr Marty's Crumpets and we serve Dr Marty's crumpets with whipped ricotta, strawberries and rooftop honey. This dish has been hugely popular on our brunch menu and customers are commenting on how "pretty" this dish looks. 


The ingredients of a crumpet are simple: self-raising flour, baking powder, yeast, a little sugar, a little canola oil and water. But there's more to a crumpet than meets the eye. Customers love the fluffy, almost light, nature of the crumpets. Not gluggy like some others. These crumpets are superior to the supermarket mass produced crumpets and truly are an artisan product. Dr Marty's Crumpets are bespoke and contain no preservatives. Come in to CH James and experience Dr Marty's Crumpets on our brunch menu.



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