CH James Serves Up Melbourne's Best Bread

CH James is passionate when it comes to quality fresh ingredients and boutique products. Chef Franck is French trained and comes from a background of fine dining. He loves to make his own sauces and jams, for example, and have control over the cooking process. When it comes to bread CH James has elected to use bread from talented EDS Breads, a boutique Melbourne artisan baker who supplies niche establishments in Melbourne. We sat down with Eddie and partner Cheryl to discuss their passion for all things bread.

Eddie says the journey started when they were challenged by John Lawson from No. 8 by John Lawson in Crown. So impressed was John by their bread that he commissioned EDS Breads to supply the hatted restaurant with his fine breads. Eddie and Cheryl turned their huge home dining room into an artisan bakery.


The challenge was to make bread that partners well with food, or has food in mind. Eddie says that cheap breads can ruin a meal. "For example you can put all your effort into getting scrambled eggs right then fall away on having cheap bread," says Eddie. "The bread is a major part of the dish and customers are savvy about bread these days." 

Eddie makes bread varieties that you don't often see. CH James has several of EDS Breads loaves delivered including  Soy & Quinoa, Spiced Pumpkin, Potato & Honey and Country Style Wheat.

The Soy & Quinoa multigrain (above) contains linseed and soya milk with a nuance of black treacle. EDS Breads cuts no corners with Stoneground wheat and whole grains. A heavy dense bread full of goodness. Leading Melbourne foodie and blogger Sofia Levin highly rates this bread as "best bread in the world" as on her review on Poppet's Window.

 Check out the Slow cooked pork sandwich of the day served at CH James using EDS Breads.

The Pumpkin loaf above has a distinctive taste and amazing colour and texture...

The Soy & Quinoa also has an amazing texture, as you can see above, when we broke the loaf open...

Eddie and Cheryl have been running the business since mid 2013 and demand is increasing, supplying boutique venues around Melbourne. Cheryl says the artisan facility at their premises means there is always the wonderful aromas of bread, as well as the challenge of flour dust. They take their time over the bread, as perfectionists, and refuse to make quick batches that compromise quality. We're glad they do...






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