Ricotta and Smoked Trout! Great Review by Eat. Travel. Blog.

Thanks to Jess Carey from Eat. Travel. Blog. for visiting CH James with friends and giving us such great feedback...

CH James, Fairfield, Melbourne

Saturday. Lunch. Best friends. Melbourne. Gossip. Cafe. And really good food. All the ingredients for a great start to the long weekend. Happy days!

We all needed some girl time and a delicious feed, so the ladies and I decided to lunch at CH James in Fairfield – it’s a still relatively newish spot, and a welcome addition to suburbia, headed by a super star team hailing formerly from Pope Joan, Taxi Kitchen and Auction Rooms – solid start. The menu is simple but delicious, using heaps of local suppliers to provide fresh, quality ingredients for the dishes they serve up to the hungry masses, of which there were plenty! Saturday lunch on a long weekend, clearly a busy time – so busy, in fact, I think we were actually momentarily forgotten about… we had a lot to catch up on, though, so not the end of the world! Once we were rediscovered at our corner table, though, orders were placed and the food was out pretty quickly. The girls both ordered the gnocchi with roasted tomato, asparagus and broad beans – looked amazing and they both enjoyed it!

I had a craving for eggs, particularly after watching this dish coming out of the kitchen over and over again since our arrival – I got the ricotta and smoked trout scrambled eggs with chive coriander pesto on toast. This was one of the best scrambled egg plates I’ve ever had, easily. The soft scrambled eggs were perfectly cooked, absolutely perfectly. The ricotta and smoked trout through it were well proportioned, thick slice of toast that held it’s own and managed to be noticeably delicious even under the eggs, and the pesto was just the icing on the eggy cake. There were plenty of other enticing items on the menu, but I think I’ll just order this again next time I eat at CH James – if it ain’t broke…

CH James is the perfect brunch spot for Fairfield, filling the much needed gap: something to get the younger crowd in the area amongst all the longer-standing family businesses. With Preston, Reservoir, Fairfield, Thornbury, Northcote all starting to develop, we’re finding more and more that these northern suburbs are starting to look like the Brunswick/Fitzroy/Collingwood of 20 years ago, before they got hipster and cool. Makes me really happy we’ve invested in a house in this area while it was still affordable! Also really stoked that I’m less than 10km away from a place like CH James; great food, gorgeous space, heaps of potential to be the meeting place in Fairfield. Looking forward to many more brunches with the ladies there!