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  • We are gradually returning to normal service and have just launched a new menu!

Small Batch Coffee Partners with CH James

In Melboune the standard of coffee is high and people are demanding the best. CH James is thrilled to be in league with Small Batch coffee roasters, iconic in the Melbourne coffee scene. 

Since CH James opened customers have been giving us great feedback on our coffee. Apart from our skilled baristas such as Nikola, we take pride in using the best coffee beans. Small Batch is the masterstroke of Andrew Kelly, Aaron Wood, and Allan Huang and is a specialty coffee roasting company. Andrew Kelly is behind popular cafe Auction Rooms in North Melbourne and has extensive experience in the specialty coffee world.

Small Batch are always on the lookout for the perfect roast. At CH James we believe the coffee has a smooth finish without too much acidity, well balanced across the palate. Check out their website at www.smallbatch.com.au where you can see videos of their adventures in Guatemala and Costa Rica. The story of Small Batch includes a desire to break the mindset of Australians who grew up with "drinking coffee that was oily, bitter and espresso brewed, because that was how coffee was supposed to taste", to explore further. Andrew Kelly opened up Auction Rooms in 2008 and as the roasting operations grew, opened a dedicated roastery down the road. Small Batch is the coffee that made Auction Rooms famous, and is now being supplied to top Melbourne cafes.

 CH James has a coffee station with access from Station Street for those "on the go" who are looking for a take away coffee. Or else come and imbibe our stylish cafe and enjoy coffee with our culinary treats, for example with cakes or one of our modern tasty dishes.


CH James also sells specialty packs, so you can purchase your coffee from us. Come in for a visit.






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