The Science of Coffee

Even those who aren’t particularly discerning about their morning cup of coffee can differentiate a good cup from a terrible one. Surprisingly, what separates that good cup from a bad one isn’t a subjective matter of preference; there’s actually some very precise science behind creating a cup of coffee that appeals to the majority of taste buds. From selecting a type of coffee to roasting and brewing, every step that goes into the construction of a cup of coffee plays an essential role in how that eventual cup will taste, feel, and caffeinate. Read on to learn more about the chemistry of coffee which may just provides a few insights that will help you improve the way you brew up one of the world’s most popular beverages.

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Rise of the Aeropress

How to create a great coffee experience at home? Personally, I prefer a method that involves manual intervention, rather than fully automatic. The Aeropress is becoming a favoured instrument of choice when it comes to coffee perfection and single cup brewing. It’s become a significant part of the Melbourne coffee scene in recent times and is popular among coffee purists. It looks like a plunger but operates more like an espresso machine. We note the rise of the Aeropress.

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