Brunch with Bloggers at CH James

CH James in Fairfield is a unique space where locals are imbibing the relaxed ambience. On a Sunday the relaxed atmosphere is evident with groups catching up for a chat, people reading the newspaper, some on their devices, and many also enjoying the courtyard space. The World Loves Melbourne joined with top Melbourne bloggers Brunch Addict and The Plus Ones on a Sunday morning for a delectable brunch. 

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Edible Garden Courtyard A Hit

Popular amongst locals is the CH James Edible Courtyard Garden. Our garden is relaxing, almost therapeutic, complementing the attractive indoor space at CH James. Indoor and outdoor come together seamlessly. Come through the side entrance or walk through the indoor space which looks out to the garden...

Check out our courtyard, enjoy excellent food and drink, and take in the garden ambience. Attractive planter boxes set the scene. We employed the services of leading Melbourne garden service Leaf, Root & Fruit to set up and maintain our edible courtyard garden. Here they are setting up the planter boxes with beautiful plants and choice soil. Daniel is an expert on all things contemporary edible gardens!

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