CH James Included in Best Schnitzels in Melbourne


Love a top notch schnitzel? Our CH James Chicken Schnitzel with caraway braised red cabbage, aioli, parmesan and chips has been include in an article on Best Schnitzels in Melbourne. As a popular dish on our menu we are thrilled to have received such acclaim, including from our customers.

Gone are the days of the greasy oily schnitzel with soggy oily chips. The humble schnitzel has been elevated to more of a gourmet offering in the way its prepared and cooked, with first class crumbing and served up with a gourmet touch with appealing sides.



We agree that the schnitzel must look appealing and be of a decent size - this is what the customer is looking for! First class chicken needs to be used in the dish, not a cheap cut. A decent crust and crumb is paramount with a consistency, cooked in premium oil. Also taking it to a gourmet level is our caraway braised red cabbage bringing colour and crunch. We have this red cabbage also as a side on our all day menu. The tang and crunch goes perfectly with the schnitzel.

A creamy aioli also sets off an excellent schnitzel. Another fine tasty complement is shaved parmesan. To complete the dish we served golden chips. All in all its a well presented hearty meal.



Customers have been giving us excellent feedback on social media regarding our Chicken Schnitzel such as 5 star review by Violetta on Facebook - "Mum and I stopped by here by pure accident. We were on our way to the cemetery to visit dad and well we were hungry. I thought here we go I'll get the lecture as Mum who is a fussy eater doesn't always enjoy eating out. Today mum gave it two thumbs up. We had chicken schnitzel with hand cut chips. She ate all the schnitzel and most of the chips. If mum turns around and says to me "I would like to come back " then it's 5 stars from us. Food and staff were lovely. The place is also dog friendly. Just have to get a dog now heheheh."